Hye peeps...Its quite a long time i didnt blogging..feel lazy to blogging nowadays..
Oh GOSH, my exam is coming soon!!! and yet, i didnt touch any books...gosh~~~
Last nite went to karoke at KTV's Ampang Park to celebrate uncle shah's bday..14 of us...8pm till 1140pm...feel tired actually..but,after went to karoake,we went to pulse at Hotel Mandarin..near first,we dont have place to,we have to wait awhile..then we got 1 empty table..beside the stage..oh gosh..the speaker just above our head..haha...suddenly,we met 1 guy that we dont want to see...arghh..spoilt my mood and others too...we still dance but my eyes always looked at him..when i looked at him,i saw him talked with a few guys with a coat..maybe bonzer or his friend..
around 2am, ayang mia and husband went back home..we dont want that guy followed us..5mins later,we went back..left my csn and her friends there...while we waiting the car at the jokey,suddenly,that guy also wait his car there...F***...he saw us go out from sis dnt want him to followed,my sis's bf reverse the car and wait us infront,i and my sis go to the lobby hotel..and he also go to the lobby..arghh...why he wanna followed us...then me and sis go to the car..finally..he didnt follow us...

Today, i woke up 1230pm..XD...when i woke up,i feel very2 mum wake me up..haihz...then i ate bread and watch tv awhile...around 230pm,i slept again till 5pm like that...woah...after i wake up,i feel fresh...thats all for today...

My mood swings mood at all...sorry to everyone if i did something that u dont like...sorry again...

I still confuse what degree i wanna take...which college i wanna continue my study...My dream to study at Segi Damansara but i think i cant continue study,still thinking till now..and very confuse...T.T...

To u my beloved YEOH KIM BEE,

i love u so much honey...always want u to be wif matter what ever we faced, i hope u and me still together...i do love u and truly from my heart...u the first person that i love so much...thanks for everything...i'll miss,love,need,care about u....always and always...u shine my life...u always be with me..i really appreciate that... Love U Always....xoxo
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