movie day

today,me,kim,weng hoong,yau,kelvin,kelly,janice and vonne went to times square to watch going to ts wif janice and kelly...when we almost reached ts,its raining...we run..haha...then,kim,weng hoong and yau went to,janice and kelly just walking around...we wait kelvin at cinema...all of us want to watch orphan..but kelvin dont want..he said,so boring..haha..then we have some argument there...dunno which movie we want to watch...
finally,we watch orphan..hehe..
orphan is scary movie for me..when esther want to kill someone,i shock and close my scary..
kim,im sorry if i get u shock too..haha...u beside,u can see my face how when i shock..haha...u laughing at me when i funny my face???hahaah...i know its funny...because my face showing that im really2 shock..haha
after we watch movie,kim,weng hoong and yau went back's hse had celebration..father's bday...
so me,janice.kelly,vonne and kelvin went to old town..they wanna to,i followed them since the time too early..but i didnt fasting..hehe...
i busy with my phone..messaging and games...then,4 of them stared at me..haha...they ask me so many questions...damn shy..the questions that they ask me such as
~what my feeling to....
~what my status now
~friend or special friend
~we're close and too obvious
~always with...
hahaha...i need to answer all...
when i gave it my answer,they dont believe me and keep asking..haha...damn shy...
only me and ........ know what happen to us...hehe...
guys,im happy today with u all...=))
then i went back because my sis wait me at bukit jalil station...fetch my mum at hse then we went to for eid....suddenly,my stomach so pain...i cant even walk properly...maybe gastric..dunno...i rest for awhile...but still pain...then,we buka puasa at san francisco steakhouse...a lot of food there...i ate all food there..haha...until my stomach fully of foods..hehe..eventhough my stomach pain,i still can eat because im so hungry..hehe..thank god my stomach ok after i ate...hehe...then,we bought things and we went back home....
thats all for today...hehe...
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~life must go on~

am i bad ?

am i selfish ?
am i heartbreaker ?

happiness comes around me
sadness comes around me

i wanna be happy in my life
i wanna be good in my life
i wanna be perfect in my life


i cant make it myself
i cant be happy,good and perfect in one times
nothing lasts forever

sometimes, we do badly to the another person
sometimes,people do badly to us

i try to avoid looking forward or backward
and try to keep looking upward

challenges comes around me
each challenges makes me down

please give me strength to faces all this
i just a human being

i didnt show my sadness
i tried to be a happy person
i tried to cover my sadness

There is no end...
There is no beginning...
There is ONLY the infinite passion of life...
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