♥a bouquet of flowers makes me smile and happy♥

Today was my happy day..XD
got english class at 12.15pm...new lecturer better than before..hehe...i tink so..
before going to class, u came to my hse and suprised me..
a bouquet of flowers in your hand..
i was suprised...
u came to see me and gave flowers to me..

i am really2 happy honey...
u always makes me smile and happy..
take care of me no matter what...
i love the flowers...
roses one of my favourite flowers..
i love it..
u are perfect for me..
u'll always in my heart..
i love u so much...

one day, i asked him why he likes me and love me...he replied
"  Because ure like my fren, best fren soulmate, lover, angel and everything of me. Because when u leave, u took away my everything. Because youre the only one that im holding to right now. Because your smile is my day by day's strength. Because i cant see my life when u arent near. Because i need you and i love you "

for me, u are really2 wonderful sayang..really happy u came to my life..
i'll make u happy as i can...i just want u to know that i'll always be beside u, take care of u and love u...
so,girls, bak off from him okay!!he's only MINE...and im urs only...
i love u always...

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few days ago before my class start..im sick...sorethroat,fever,flu  and cough...went clinic and eat medicine...sorethroat and fever okay already...i drink a lot of water to recover from my sickness..but till now still got bad flu and cough...my nose pain like ****
i ate flu pills...after 20-30 mins i eat that pills,pengsan already..haha...
even i eat 2pills in one times..my flu still not okay...
today,i eat 3pills without anyone know...i want to recover fast...only 3 and half hours i can sleep...i cant sleep at all...dunno why...even i take 3pills...when i woke up, i feel dizzy,headache and so on..maybe the effect of that pills i tink...
tonite i wanna eat more than 3pills..4,5,or 6 maybe...i want to recover fast!!god,please...my nose gonna be more pain...
i want to recover fast....
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3rd semester

just wanna update my blog since i didnt update for a few weeks..hehe
my third sem started today..uh...first subject was malaysian studies and followed by accounts..
malaysian studies gonna be bored and i i tink i'll feel sleepy in the next class...haha...
today,i'd no mood to go class and study...not feeling well...still got bad flu and cough even i ate medicine already...T.T
no more holiday mood now...need to focus on my study..my last semester of foundation...
still confusing what i gonna do in degree...admin??dunno...accounts??err...many people ask me to take accounts btw...but im still thinking...marketing??dunno...and so on...haih..need to think wisely before i made any desicion...
thank god for january and february my class only 3 days a week..monday,wednesday and thursday..yipee...
tuesday and friday no class till march...cool..
thats all for now...bye...
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