~reality in life~

my life started to be worst and more even worst
i tried to make all the things in good and best position
what i got from there???
there's nothing!!!
since many years ago
i wanted to be happy in my life
but i know
its hard to be happy
why everything i done is wrong in your eyes???
since child, i live in a lot of challenges
challenges come n go,come n go
like air in our life

what are my dreams???
my dreams
i want my happy family back
but i know
i will never never got that back

even i faced a lot of problems
i tried to smile to everyone arounds me

sometimes,people do not appreciate us
people think that im useless,bitches n bla bla bla
i have pride ok!!!

i treat u nicely
u treat me like s**t

People's minds change

Mines the same

People's lives change

But I won't...I won't let go

I won't let go

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