full day of classes

~ monday 28 sept ~
my class started at 9am.accounts.omg!i didnt do any of accounts homework..well,very excited raya..but i can finish it at class.after class,we have 2 hours 30 mins rest.so,i and mirna decide to go library since we have accounts homework..at 2pm we have qm class..as usual as semester 1..who finish the homework can go back..so,i went back home at 4pm..

~ tuesday 29 sept ~
i came early today because need to do something..need to go cimb bank,public bank and maybank..then at 1130am,i had my lunch with my friends..we went to mcd..after that,we went to account class started at 12.15pm..today,sir said,just finish it our homework..after finish our homework,mirna said she hungry and ask me to accompany her to go eat..then,i asked sir permission...ahaks mirna,sir membebel with u arounds 15mins..haha..the next class started at 3.15pm.economic class..we're studying new chapter..thank god,this sem only got 3chapter to recover till dec exam..good..hehe..

~ wednesday 30 sept ~
today,i came early too..wait mirna at mcd 10.15am..we went to maybank and popular to bought stationeries there..then,we went to mcd to bought our lunch..we ate at class..we reach college early today..after ate,i sleep at class..hehe..so sleepy..when class start,wow..i cant open my eyes..too sleepy..now,i just thinking my bed and my pillow...hehe..thank god today we still didnt received our economics assignment..yeay!!haha

~ thurday 1 oct ~
as usual,came early today..i followed my sis..she sent me to lrt station today..reach college at 8am..just read newspaper and playing games..when class started at 8.45am,mirna still didnt come to class,..i called her n she said that she sick and cant go to class today..then ok la..kim sit beside me..we finish our exercise at 10am...then,i went back home and sleep...hehe

~ friday 2oct ~
today are the day that all of my class scared off...our result is coming out today!!!im so nervous okay...especially my accounts paper..huh..wishing that i will pass all the paper..please wishing me luck today..
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