the past of my life

Our life is so precious
we must to be thank to God
sometimes,i wonder why my life are not happy as i want
but i know, i wont be happy at all
since child, i faced family problems in my life like others too
my family always fighting each other
always blaming each other

when i was at the primary school,i shocked about 1 news from my family
whats the news??i gotta to know
my parents otw to divorce!!
oh my god!!
i cant imagine what my feelings that time
feeling so hurt,sadness and so on
i know my mum and my dad are not happy together
the best way are divorce
i must accept!!

my sis and I try to makes my mum happy
my mum sacrificed all her life to me and my sis
she want us to be sucessfull one day
same as my dad
all i want in this world are to be together in my family eventhough i know thats impossible
but that my dreams
the dreams i know that will never comes true

now,i must focus in my life
whatever happens to my family,i will accept it
even i regret my family like this
i love my family so damn much

i know now my dad happy with his life
my sis and I want to take care of my mum
wanna makes my mum happy
i love my mum and my dad
even my dad got a new family now
but he still love me and my sis so much
i can see that
my father working hard to bear our life
and now, my father became a successful businessman

but i know my mum still hurt till now what happens to her marriage
she want to be like others
happy with beloved husband
but she didnt get that from my dad
she always said to me that she really wanna be happy like others
i dont mind if my mum wanna marry again if she find her true love 
but my sis dont want my mum married again
my sis do that because she dont want my mum suffer again like before
she dont want any guy hurting my mum
now, my sis and I just wanna makes my mum happy
we will take care of my mum no matter what

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