just wanna wrote what i feel lately...
Yesterday, my result came out. went to college at 11am. after take result,we went to eat our breakfast. i just eat 2 or 3 spoon of keow teow goreng.thats all. after that, we wet to library and start discussing our presentation till 4pm. i went back home and sleep. when i woke up,its time for dinner. i feel so hungry that time. my mum talking about my result. sudddenly, my sis mad and start scold me. i dunno what i do until my sis mad at me. this is not first time. but ALWAYS. what she want form me?? i do my best in studies. can u please appreciate me even a little.?? i'd no mood to eat. my mum asked me to eat,bt i dnt want. today, i hurt sumone..oh god...whats wrong with me??? i tried to sleep but 30mins later,i wake up..stomachache. my meal for the whole day today ONLY 2 or 3 spoon of keow teow. thats why stomachache and dizzy. 

Today, wake up early because soon wanna go out with my frens. my mum prepared breakfast for us. and again,my sis scold me.she always scold me even i didnt do anytng wrong.f*** ...why???why??? i am human.only human.. can u please think what i feel?? i asked my frens to go out with me today because im too stress. finally, my frens decide to go karaoke. thanks to sheera because u want me to feel happy and bring me to karaoke. im really2 sorry. i knw u all want to make me feel better. but, even we went to karaoke and shopping a bit, my mood still not okay. sorry guys. but i really2 appreciate u all because u all tried to cheer me up. today,i dnt have appetite to eat again. just eat 1/3 quarter of chicken rice for my lunch. when i got back home, feel hungry and still dnt have mood to eat. i just eat famous amos as my dinner because u asked me to eat. i eat because i love u.so much

whats wrong with me lately??? always moody. feel sad,unhappy and so on. i am not gud enough for u. i know. i love u so much but sumtimes u cant feel my love to u. i hurt u so many times. i wanna be close with u as usual,share everything with u.only u and me. even sadness and happiness. u always be with me no matter what.. i really2 appreciate that. i dunno how to express my feelings here. i want everything we do together. but....i dunno what i gonna do now. i feel i always make u sad.never make u happy...am i?? i tried to be the best one for u. bt im failed. too many things in my head now..too many things i wanna write here but i'd no mood at all... i just wanna promise to myself,i wanna our relationship happy always.no fighting2,no argueing each other and so on. i hope we can understand each other more and more. to u, sorry for everything..too many things in my head now and till now,i'd no mood at all..i dunno when my mood gonna be okay as usual..but,my surroundings makes me feel moody..maybe im too sensitive and need more attention..i just want u to know,i will always be with u no matter what..even ur sadness..i'll be part in ur life..remember,u have me beside u..i do love u..so much..u the only one that i love..

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